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Wuyi Oolong on New Year’s Eve

2015 was a year of ups and downs, like a lot of years. But there was one particular occurrence – while in hindsight it was rather small – sort of summed up this mixed bag of a year. And that small occurrence started with this bag.

Qilan Wuyi oolong bag

A Baby Half-Heaven Goblin’s Flying Tea Couch Adventure

NaNoTeaMo, Day 15: “A Baby Half-Heaven Golbin’s Flying Tea Couch Adventure”

A couple of days ago, I may have mentioned I went to Seattle. While there I visited The Phoenix Tea Shop. That . . . was only part of the story. This is the rest.

Earlier in the week, my brother sent me a text message. He asked, “Hey, Geoff, are you available Thursday evening?”

I replied with a bro-ish, “Sure, what’s up?”

He said, “I’m bringing a couch home from Seattle in the truck, and will need some help getting it into the house. “

At first, I gave my affirmative that I’d be willing to help . . . but then an image popped into my head.


He was heading to Seattle that day, and I had the day off. BRO’D-TRIP!

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