This is going to be a relatively (and uncharacteristically) short entry from me. Reason being, there’s a clock counting down on a library computer. I am completely moved, but I am still sans REAL Internet (besides my Droid) – thus making more prolific prose improbable. (But still plenty of room for superfluous alliteration.)

In summary, I actually like my new apartment. Or at the very least, I like my new room. It has a wonderful view of straight forest, and the windows are HUGE!


Perfect for a writing man-cave. The only thing(s?) I’ve effectively unpacked are my computer and my tea corner. That’s about it. I guess I have my priorities kinda skewed.

The only major problem is…no air-conditioning. The week my sister, niece and I moved in, the weather in Portland decided to skyrocket into the 90s. And it’s pretty much stayed that way ever since. This also put off my natural instinct to plug in the hot water kettle. The key detractor here being the word, “Hot”.

As a result, I went three whole days without tea. Three. Whole. Days. With nary a requisite drop. And this travesty never had to happen. I simply justified my decision with, “Eh, I can’t find an additional power chord for the kettles.” Le shrug.

Unfortunately, this vile decision affected my mood and performance – both on the job and out of the job. I never thought my continued…well…continuance was so tied to the Leaf. So, I decided to rectify it.

By moving the kettle into the kitchen. Maybe now I won’t be able to use that as an excuse.


As my sister/roommate said, “You can’t do everything in your man-cave.”

Challenge accepted.