T’was the night before Christmas,

And all through the flat,

Every creature was stirring

Because of my hungry cat.


For the last couple of weeks,

I was feeling humbuggish.

But I awoke with a streak…

If a little bit sluggish.


After running some errands

For the night’s holiday supper.

I thought to myself,

Man, I need an upper.


I looked over my stores

Of leaf-delivered caffeine,

And decided I would gorge

With a Korean-ish lean.

Miss A

There were two balhyochas

That demanded my attention.

A couple of oddi-“teas”

That I never did mention.


Were they oolong or black tea…

Or something in-between?

According to one Mr. Gebely,

There was no “kill green”.

 killing vegetables

This meant that they were

Their own unique beast.

The perfect sort of purr

Or prologue to a feast.


MLH” was the first,

Noeul” was the second.

They smelled of quenched thirst –

Of almonds a-beckoned.

sexy peanut

I used a green tea-ish temp

And a minute for the steep.

Their aromas did tempt

My body away from sleep.


Both were minty to the taste

With hints of nuts on the trail.

I didn’t drink with much haste,

But they were finished without fail.

 horse trough

Was there a difference to be seen,

Between the balhyocha brethren?

None that I could glean

That is worthy of mention.


They were wonderful together

When sipped side-by-side.

And as light-bodied as a feather…

(Okay, I lied.)


There are far worse ways

To get into the feeling

Of these stupid holidays

That send your mind reeling.


I will sip away my night

Until X-Mas is ended.

A chocolate chaser in sight

And a heart newly-mended.


Balhyocha MLH and Balhyocha Noeul generously provided by the wonderful Canadians over at O5 Tea.