Almost two months have passed since my last article. In Internet years, that is almost a decade. It wasn’t like I had nothing to write about. In fact, I had several things. For example . . .

Over the course of the summer, I internally outlined an article on GABA tea. Since that was turning into a sort of “in thing” at the time I was writing. Articles already appeared explaining the process, but none went into how well the process worked in other tea categories—like sheng cha, shou cha, white tea, etc.

I rolled my eyes and sighed. Why? Well, I’d notched off just about all those tea categories in GABA form. Between 2020 and 2021 alone, I found a shou, a sheng, a white, a black, and I knew where to acquire an oolong, and a green.

The only one I didn’t have was a GABA yellow. So, I made a bargain with myself: “If we can find a GABA yellow, we’ll write the damn article on GABA.”

Then I found one.

Yet . . . I didn’t write the article.