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A Week of “Lasts”: Finali-Tea

This is a continuation of another piece on my main site. For that entry, go HERE. You don’t have to, this entry stands well on its own, but for added revelation, give it a looksy. Thankee.


I finished the last of my African Grey

My mother was in town. My brother/roommate and his girlfriend were also over. We had just finished watching an episode of Downton Abbey. It was my first time catching an episode; I was hooked. Fascinatingly proper for what amounted to a British soap opera.

My mother exclaimed, “We forgot to brew tea!”

I attempted to rectify this by brewing an “H-Earlbal Grey”, a rooibos/bergamot blend I rather liked from The Jasmine Pearl. Alas, I didn’t have enough for a full pot of the stuff, so I sprinkled in some Joy’s Teaspoon Lemon Zest to round it out.

In a word, perfect.

I finished the last of my Keemun Hao Ya…

The work week was rough. We were busier than was expected for a January. Everybody was running on fumes. Sales blitzes, packed house, lots to do. And, for part of it, I was in charge of my department. For two of those days, I brewed a pot of TeaVivre Keemun Hao Ya to keep me alert that morning. The tea turned out note-perfect. Not too bitter, not too astringent. Perfectly smoky-sweet.

In those two days, I got Employee of the Month.

I don’t think the two occurrences were mutually exclusive.

I finished the last of my Georgian black tea…

One particularly difficult morning, I needed some extra wake-up juice. So, I used the last vestiges of my TeaGeek.net Georgian and overbrewed the heck out of it. The liquor brewed to a perfect red. It never brewed red.

That day, I was on top of all the tasks I needed to accomplish.

I brewed the last of my Yunnan Silver Needle

Again with The Jasmine Pearl.

It was a particularly melancholy day. Work had been a little rough when it should’ve been easy. I had come to a few revelations about myself – some that were uncomfortable. I brewed a pot of Yunnan Silver Needle to feel better, and shared some with my bro/roommate and his girl. It hit he spot

Later that night, I went to a bar/deli by myself. I went their often. Perhaps too often. Once a week or so. That’s what I get for having a crush on a bartender. Somehow, someway, I determined that would be my last night there – my last night seeing her.

I accomplished absolutely nothing. Yet it felt right.

Artist: Shane Semler

Artist: Shane Semler

As I write this, I’m finishing the last of some Formosa Oolong

I’ve had this stuff from TeaFrog for the better part of a year. A cruel year, to say the least. Fitting, considering a song called “Cruelest Year” is playing in the background on my YouTube “Writing Mood” playlist.

The day before, I attended one of Michael “TeaGeek” Coffey’s Tea Salons via Google+ Hangout to discuss Keemun Hao Ya. Of course, I didn’t have any on hand, since I finished the last of mine earlier in the week. But I remembered that majestic pot clearly enough to contribute – in my own non sequitur way – to the conversation.

It was a splendid time, full of laughs and ribaldry. A very animated discussion. I also thought to myself, This is right.

Amidst this week of cupping epilogues and some other sobering realities, tea and tea people were still my one source of positive perspective. I also came to a rather important decision – to hunker down and save money to finally meet many of them.

In four months’ time – if stars and finances align – I will be in Las Vegas for World Tea Expo. What’s weirder is that I have to be there. As part of a panel. Yes! I’m a panelist!

To make this happen, I have to make some changes in my own life. Rampant spending must be curbed, debt must be managed, activities need to be slowed. But at least a goal is in sight.

For every ending, there’s a beginning. For every tea finished, another pot is poured.

Artist: Christoph Andre

Artist: Christoph Andre


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  1. So many teas finished. I don’t think I’ve ever had a situation where that many teas were finished within such close time period. I do hope the “stars align” and I get to see you at the Expo.

    • This was a weird week, so it seemed only natural that an unusual amount of tea was also finished in the same period of time. *heh* Look forward to seeing you, too.

  2. Geoff
    I read both entries… Why am I crying?
    Ok I’m a sap (sensitive affected person)
    The Universe has a way, despite the discomfort of guiding us where we need to be or to what we must do
    I look so forward to meeting you in person in Vegas

  3. Hi Geoff

    Read both of your posts, well done!

    I know what it’s like to be heavily in debt, I’ve started 3 companies at different times that ended up achieving nothing but losses, and I worked hard at them for years…

    But somehow one always gets up, and once you do that you become a stronger person, even if you’re still broke : )

    I wish I could go to Vegas too, good luck with your panelist position!

  4. Geoff!
    I’ve been reading your blog since we became NaNoWriMo buddies, & I love it! I love your honesty, your dry humor, and your willingness to be real. Thank you!
    I’ve experienced debt, & I know it isn’t fun, but I also know that I grew a lot from that experience, and got to know myself better, so it had it’s purpose, just like everything else. My favorite affirmation, that has seen me through all my financial woes & somehow guided me into some semblance of prosperity (at least I can afford tea!) is “All of my needs, desires, & dreams are abundantly fulfilled”. I say it, write it, & think it regularly. Big Hugs! 😀

    • Hi Terri,

      Thanks for reading. I know of that morning mantra. I usually do something similar, but – of late – I’ve been forgetting.

  5. “For every tea finished, another pot is poured.”

    I like this philosophy.

  6. I read your posts, much enjoyed them both. Although “enjoy” doesn’t quite seem fitting a word, since you’ve revealed some tough times. Anyway, “Employee of the Month” is awesome. Congrats. It looks like you’re getting a chance at last to demonstrate some of your (many) capabilities. That’s nice. As to the finances, knowing that you can control them helps. Just stick a note on your fridge “Don’t overspend!” : ) Only one thing: I thought perhaps somehow your bartender Ms would read this, and happily realize you’re talking about her. Bingo, love is made. However, the whole sinking-so-low bartender thing on the other post, might – uhm – just nix anything. Liking a bartender -isn’t by definition, one of the low points of your, or anyone’s life. She might be a lovely person just like you.

    • There’s an old SNL skit with Steve Martin called “Don’t Buy It!”. I may have to watch that as a morning mantra or something…repeatedly. The bartender was a lovely person. Luckily, she doesn’t know I blog. *heh*.

  7. Wow…love this. I wish you nothing but the best this year!! Now off to read the other post…

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