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The Infusiast’s Book Launch and a Meeting of Beasts – A Vegas Tea Party, Day 1

Brace yourself, this is a three-parter. Maybe four. Depends on if I get the information all organized. Liking herding cats, it is. Kittens, actually. Hyper ones.

First and foremost, I need to get a few acknowledgements out of the way. Planning for this World Tea Expo trip has been nothing short of murder. Four fantastic folks made it as smooth as possible. My mother spotted for the plane ticket to Vegas as an early “birthristmas” present, and my dad helped put spending money in my pocket after a mutually beneficial business transaction. I’ve written about both occurrences.

The other two, I have not written about. Naomi Rosen (aka Joy’s Teaspoon) was gracious enough to put me up for the five days I was in Vegas. That kind gesture alone saved me hundreds. Second is Jo Johnson (A Gift of Tea), who acted as a mentor as I took it all in when I needed it. She kept me apprised of the expo goings-on so that I could maximize my experience. Both went completely out of their way for a schmo they’d never met in real life. Gratitude abound.

And now for a picture of the Rosens’ Basset Hound sitting on my feet.


With that out of the way, on with the show.

The Meeting of Beasts

I didn’t arrive on the day of World Tea Expo proper, but rather a couple of days before. My “official” reason was to help Joy’s Teaspoon out with the U.S. book launch of The Infusiast: Diatribes of the Devotea by Robert Godden. However, my ulterior motive was to finally meet the writer for the first time and trade barbs. Oh, and buy his book. Gotta show support and all that.

The wacky Aussie and I had e-known each other for over three years. We even (very occasionally) collaborated on a “manly tea” blog – The Beasts of Brewdom. This was to be the first meeting of the minds.

Lord and The Lady Devotea arrived – not by chariot, as one would expect – but by humble Vegas cab. The moment I saw the fedora’d, suit-clad Aussie, I said: “We don’t serve your kind here!” With a smile, of course. Dunno how well that joke translates Down Under.

And the Universe didn't explode.

And the Universe didn’t explode.

He immediately grasped me in a hug. Like we were old friends. And technically, we were.

The rest of the evening consisted of him regaling tales of teashop ownership and anecdotes from his book, while his captive (of their own free will) audience drank some of his blends – Lord Petersham and Rose Blush, respectively.

Said book launch and tea party provided another delight – chance meet-ups with The Tea Stylist’s Linda Gaylard, Teaity’s/Tea Guy’s Chris Giddings, and the aforementioned (and striking) Jo Johnson.

(Left to Right) Me, Chris Giddings, Jo Johnson, and Lady Devotea

(Left to Right) Me, Chris Giddings, Jo Johnson, and Lady Devotea

My favorite exchanges:

The Devotea: “Oh, Geoff. I have a present for your Mum. Because I give her such a hard time on Facebook.”


Jo: [to me] “You’re going to the tea and beer pairing…”

Me: “I dunno. It’s a hot commodity, plus I’m not sure I can afford it.”

Jo: “That wasn’t a question. You’re going. It’s already been arranged.”

Me: [pause followed by grin] “Okay, then.”

The book launch ended with as much fanfare as it had begun. Teaity Chris and I opted to do Joy’s Teaspoon a favor and pick up her cousin, Lady Earl Steeper. Thus completing our unintentional Vegas Tea Party quartet. Once that task was done, we retired to Chez Joy for a generous dose of a card game called…well…Cards Against Humanity. Think Apples to Apples, only sick and wrong.

We were up until 2AM.

And this was only Day 1.


To be continued…


A Pre-Vegas Tea Trilogy


“What Happens at Expo…” – A Vegas Tea Party, Day 2


  1. You left out the bit where three grown men tried to open one bag of rice biscuits and failed.

  2. Let’s get real here I was following your lead to all the amazing tea offerings. Mutual collaboration success and Taiwan White Tea gratitude!

  3. Thursday night, after looking back on the entirety of our days, was the most phenomenal kick-off to a fantastic tea weekend. Meeting everyone was so surreal.

  4. People look at me askance when I refer to the Underground Tea Syndicate, but as you so beautifully describe here, it is alive and well! So glad you were able to land at the Expo and all the events surrounding it!
    (Really? Rice biscuits defeated 3 grown men?)

  5. It seems you had a lot of fun but rice biscuits defeating you? You were all tea drunk, right?

  6. I can’t believe I got sick upon arriving and missed the event. The worst of it was we arrived earlier than expected and remembered thinking to myself that I could make it. Of course as luck would have it I fell ill. I am happy that you all enjoyed yourselves and I was able to still follow along on Twitter.

  7. sounds like a great intro to the Tea Expo…glad you were having fun!

  8. It was nice to get to meet you all before the Expo began. Tea was not too shabby as well.

  9. I would have mentioned the tea, but “Beasts of Brewdom” and “Rose Blush” don’t sit together well. Especially after the chip packet incident.

  10. The chip packet incident? Sounds like it should be mentioned frequently, especially on the Beasts blog.
    Cards against Humanity? Must look that up. Never heard of it.
    You’re a lucky guy Geoff; free tickets, free room, free tea, plus you played games!
    Great you all met. Makes me happy.

    • This trip wouldn’t have been possible without the kindness of tea friends. Seriously, I owe everyone a pound of flesh. Gross, though that sounds.

      Cards Against Humanity is not for the easily offended. Just a warning.

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