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Day: November 12, 2015

Montanan Breakfast Tea

NaNoTeaMo, Day 12: “Montanan Breakfast Tea”

This morning, I received a message from Gary Robson, o’ he of Red Lodge Books & Tea fame. I wasn’t quite awake, yet. My hands clumsily fumbled for my phone, and I accidentally activated Facebook’s calling function. No idea how it happened, but it led to a rather spirited conversation nonetheless.

Following that dialogue, I took that as a sign to brew up one of Gary’s signature wake-the-f**K-up blends. In my backlog box, there happened to be a tea he made called “Gary’s Kilty Pleasure”. I received it a couple of summer’s back on a trip to his tea bar in Montana.

Kilty bag

A Teenjure and Tealet Tea Tale

NaNoTeaMo, Day 11: “A Teenjure and Tealet Tea Tale”

I have an unwritten rule for Facebook: “If I’ve never talked to you before, chances are I won’t accept your friend request.”

Through my other tea-centric social media accounts, I come in contact with a lot of industry professionals from around the world. Most have no clue what my role is in the industry. Many don’t even speak my language. And some don’t even know who I am. Tea bloggers are – at best – a peripheral presence.

Exclusive as that all may sound, I do allow for exceptions. Nabin Koirala is one such exception.

Nabin in a tea field

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